I needed help with my anxiety, and also to overcome my phobia of butterflies.
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy was a really positive experience, and I began feeling better very quickly after I began the sessions. I found them very relaxing and enjoyable! After 8 sessions I’ve stopped having anxiety/panic attacks and have learnt how to control and reduce anxiety.

- Anxious Student, December 2018

Jayne provides a great service. She worked with my 10 year old daughter and helped make marked improvements in anxiety and sleep issues. A great, welcoming, child friendly experience. Thoroughly recommend.

- Parent of Hypnotherapy for Children client, December 2018

I have gone from being downtrodden, over anxious, eager to please and exhausted ……. to having a sense of well-being brought about by a new feeling of being in control of my life.

This has been given back to me using a gentle system of talking and hypnosis.
Because of the methods used I feel that I’m the master of my own destiny and I can say that I feel confident and empowered for the first time in years.

It has enhanced my life and of those close to me. They like the new happy and fulfilled person that I’ve become.
When I need to, I use the techniques Jayne showed me and it helps me to get back on track and to put life back into perspective.

- Downtrodden client, July 2018

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has been a successful, positive and thought provoking experience.
My whole outlook on life has changed. I went to the sessions to help control an addiction and ended up with a new zest for life.
The consultation room in Westbury-on-Trym was Lovely, warm and cozy.
Jayne has the most perfect voice for hypnotherapy. As soon as she starts the session, you just know that all will be well. I am so glad that I plucked up courage to make that first contact to ask for help.

- Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Management, February 2018

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has helped me with anxiety and managing stresses better. My experience of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy was amazing. It gave me very helpful tools to manage life better. It helped me so much and I would recommend to anyone and already have done.
Since the sessions I’m better at recognising triggers of anxiety and know how to manage these so that I’m better able to function during stressful times. Thanks 🙂

- Hypnotherapy for Stress and Anxiety, February 2018

I had hypnotherapy to deal with my issues about flying but this was extended to deal with general anxiety.
Jayne Sarah was a very calm and soothing presence, who challenged me to confront my issues with flying and helped me cope with life more generally.
Since the sessions I feel calmer overall, have improved confidence, less anxiety and feel better able to deal with day to day life.

- Hypnotherapy for Flying Phobia,

Hypnotherapy with Jayne for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Confidence Issues and Weight Loss surpassed my expectations. I cannot recommend it enough. It has changed my life so much and it’s amazing to live in such a positive place now.
Motivation and Positivity just flooded through me after each session and made feel like I could achieve anything I put my mind to.
Hypno with Jayne is the best thing I’ve done in years. It’s changed my life so much and I cannot thank her enough.

- Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Confidence Issues and Weight Loss, November 2017

I wanted to try to get myself out of the habit of drinking alcohol every evening, to go back to just drinking as an occasional treat at weekends. I wasn’t drinking an awful lot, but I was finding it a challenge to halt the regularity. I wanted to ‘take back control’ and not have it as my master.
Before I had treatment with Jayne, being negative or ignoring my achievements was my default setting. Not any more.
Jayne has a wonderful quality of calm positivity that immediately puts you at your ease… she is completely non judgemental and very skilled at finding ways to unpick what you are telling her and reframe your reflections in positive and encouraging ways. She is quietly determined to help her clients achieve their goals, and I felt a strong sense of confidence in her abilities and knowledge which is extensive, rooted in proven scientific and physiological expertise. As a practitioner she is as skilled at hypnotherapy as she is at massage. I felt a powerful sense of trust and empathy flow between us and I am certain that Jayne demonstrates this same rapport with all her clients. Jayne is especially skilled at the trance element of the sessions – there is not a scrap of artifice or superficiality, she demonstrates absolute integrity which allowed me to easily fall into a state of deep relaxation, something I have never experienced before. Her words are spoken with a soothing delivery, and during the trance I gained a strong sense of confidence – a therapist who is completely in control but governed by absolute respect, trust and professional competence. Working with Jayne exceeded all my expectations, and the sessions were an absolute joy – even when I cried!
To my delight I have found myself able to put myself into deep relaxation using Jayne’s wonderful relaxation track while employing the techniques learned during my sessions. It has helped me control my addictive behaviour and given me skills to help me think positively and steer away from my tendency towards negative forecasting – helping me unearth a positivity that has benefited all aspects of my life, not just my addictive behaviour.

- Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Management, October 2017

Initially I was skeptical as I didn’t really know if hypnotherapy would be able to help with my issues as it wasn’t a phobia or fear that I had always previously thought hypnotherapy was used for.
I was seeking help with Anxiety and Confidence Issues.
I went for my initial consultation and from that first meeting Jayne made me feel at ease and that she understood what I was going through. She also said those magic words, ‘I can help you with this’! Instantly this helped me to feel that I wasn’t going mad. The science and explanation behind it all made sense to me and I felt able to engage with it.
Through the sessions I grew in confidence and it gave me strategies of how I could avoid feeling anxious about irrational things. Listening to the recording as I fell asleep was also a great help to me and gave me some relaxation time. Jayne was great and made me feel comfortable throughout and I’m very thankful to her.
After the sessions I felt relaxed and overall I feel more confident in recognising what is and isn’t rational anxiety. I am also more able to control my irrational feelings and feel more able to assert myself when necessary rather than always taking on responsibility just to make everything alright! I’m also feeling happier and calmer in myself.
Both venues that I attended were well thought out and comfortable and had everything that was needed.
I want to say a massive thank you to Jayne for reaching out to her existing massage clients as without that, I wouldn’t be feeling as good as I do today. The hypnotherapy sessions have helped me a lot and I will continue to use the strategies I have learnt.

- Anxiety and Confidence Issues, October 2017

Seeing Jayne for Hypnotherapy was an enjoyable process. Jayne is lovely and put me immediately at ease. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy gave me techniques to help me cope in stressful situations. I’ve been able to enjoy experiences that I would have previously avoided because they made me feel uncomfortable. The therapy has been very effective and I’m still using the skills that I learned.

- Dealing with Anxiety and Stressful Situations, August 2017

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helped me with Anxiety, Depression and Confidence Issues. I had no expectations when I went into the sessions. I just believed it was something worth trying. Hypnotherapy is truly amazing.
I immediately felt more positive after each session. I’ve learnt how I can get out of a bad way of thinking just by changing my mindset. I gained knowledge of how I got to the negative place I was at, and what I needed to do to overcome my anxiety. It now seems like a distant memory.

- Depression, Anxiety and Confidence Issues, July 2017

The hypnotherapy sessions were interesting, enjoyable and relaxing. I always looked forward to them. Undergoing solution focused hypnotherapy is one of the best things I have done for myself. It has been such a positive and useful experience with a lasting impact. I learnt a lot about how my brain works and why I get anxious and stressed and how I can help myself. After each session I felt very happy, calm and confident. Now for the first time in a long time I can be myself. I am much better at coping with the demands of life and my work performance has gone through the roof! I would highly recommend Jayne as a Hypnotherapy practitioner.

- Work Performance and Stress Management, July 2017

I had Hypnotherapy for my blood and needle phobia. Jayne was great to work with – she has a way of explaining things that makes them really easy to understand. She also isn’t afraid to stop and try another approach if the first try doesn’t work for you.
It was a really interesting experience. It helped me identify the way my brain works when I am in a ‘phobic state’ and why my brain works in the way it does.
After four sessions, I was able to face my phobia head on! I did it!

- Blood and Needle Phobia, June 2017

I attended the session to seek help with understanding and battling an addiction. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has helped me with Anxiety, Depression, Confidence Issues, Addictions, Stopping Smoking, sleep disorders, Self worth and support.

I was very surprised at how informative and supportive the session was, I took away some very useful information and I believe the session was a success. The 2-hour session was very valuable and meant a lot to me. I experienced clarity and new ways of considering my thoughts and actions and patterns of behaviour.

I was very happy following the session and I would absolutely book another session, I received a professional, personal, thoughtful and engaging service.

- Smoking Cessation, Anxiety, Depression, Confidence Issues, June 2017

I found Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to be a really positive experience. I was very worried about stopping smoking, but really keen to try and succeed – so talking with Jayne has helped me think about how to progress in a positive way. I have not smoked since the session, which is the longest time I have gone without a cigarette in about 15 years. In particular, the one time I was most concerned would be difficult (bedtime) is actually the easiest which has definitely been a hugely positive impact from the session. The biggest and most honest compliment I can give is that I would recommend that anyone should try the technique!

- Quitting Smoking, May 2017

I saw Jayne for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to help with my phobia of needles. My experience was really great. I felt I learned a lot to help move on past my phobia in a very enabling way.

After the sessions I experienced calmness, ease of being and a sense of controlled response. An ability to separate from panic and for it to be managed.

- Hypnotherapy for Needle Phobia, May 2017

I found the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy very satisfying overall. I found it relaxing and I learned a lot from the experience. I’ve had great results and am now sleeping much better.

I have the ‘tools’ to help me sleep should I need them. I feel less anxious about my old sleep issues and no longer see them as a problem which in turn is helping me.

- Hypnotherapy for Insomnia, May 2017

An interesting and engaging journey in which I felt supported the entire way. I was pleasantly surprised by the progression I made. I was pleased to find that with some thought and practice, I was able to turn times that would have previously been a source of utter frustration, disquiet or apprehension into much more manageable, positive situations. My experience of sleeping has totally changed for the better.

- Hypnotherapy for Stress Reduction and Sleep Improvement, April 2017

Jayne is friendly, understanding and very professional, and I felt very much at ease in her comfortable consulting rooms. I attended with a problem of poor sleeping, going to bed tired and not sleeping, or waking up for no apparent reason in the middle of the night.

She explained to me how the brain processes requests for sleep, and how to encourage the right type of sleep, and this adjusted my sleep patterns to allow me good nights rest for the first time in many months.

I have had several hypnotherapy sessions with Jayne, a relaxing hour, where I can drift into a peaceful trance, where my brain can process problems and to seek out the positive solutions.

- Hypnotherapy for Sleep Issues, March 2017