Jayne Sarah

I trained and received a Certificate in Swedish Massage at the New South Wales School of Natural Medicine, Australia in 2009. I qualified with ITEC Diplomas in Body Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Massage and Indian Head Massage and received a Certificate in Facials for Therapists from the Devon Academy for Complementary Therapies between January and October 2010. I have since qualified with certificates in Traditional Thai Foot Massage, Hands-Free Massage, Seated Acupressure On Site Massage, Nutrition for Weight Management and Myofascial Release. I’m currently studying for a Level 3 qualification in Aromatherapy. I have been a self-employed therapist since October 2010 having spent five months working full time hours with a massage company in the French Alps.

I am passionate about the benefits of massage and embrace the opportunity to help all of my clients to experience those benefits. I’m not a beautician. I don’t look for aesthetic imperfections in any of my clients; I just welcome the opportunity to help them to feel better by using complimentary therapies.

I spent eight years working in office environments and I know how taxing it can be on the body to sit at a desk using a phone and a computer, day after day. I’ve experienced the sharp pain beneath by left shoulder blade, the ache in my wrists, lower back and around my hip. I spent years learning what caused those pains and then learning how to relieve the pain effectively. This means that now, I can help you.

Working in the French Alps provided me with the opportunity to work with athletes of all disciplines, from Skiers and Snow Boarders, to Mountain Bikers, Cyclists, Olympic Runners, Hikers, Tennis Players, Squash Players, Swimmers, Footballers, Horse Riders… The list is endless. I’ve been trained not only to provide treatments for sports injuries and improve sporting performance but to successfully treat numerous “every day musculoskeletal injuries”. I work closely with Ed Ley and his team of Personal Trainers and Nutrition Experts at Absolute Health. Together, we work to help people to achieve their health and fitness goals.

I understand the need sometimes to just sit still. To stop rushing around and feeling like a crazy person. Massage is a beautiful gift because it reminds each person that their body is worth the time and effort to make feel better, to feel relaxed, to feel important. It’s not an invasive treatment. Modesty is ensured at all times. It’s a wonderful thing when someone who arrived in a completely stressed state finds that by the end of the treatment, they are smiling and calm.

I love my job and by reaching out to a range of different clients, I feel like I’m making a valuable contribution to other people’s lives, encouraging them to take care of themselves and receiving immense job satisfaction in return.

Jenny Hampton

Jenny trained in three levels of Usui Reiki in 2005 and 2006 whilst living in London. After moving to Bristol, she took a Holistic Massage Diploma with the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork – an in-depth 10 month training that included Swedish massage, joint mobilisation, deep tissue and side lying massage. Since qualifying, she has worked in Bristol at the Wellspring Healthy Living Centre and at the Relaxation Centre spa. Jenny is a member of the Massage Training Institute, receiving monthly supervision and pursuing annual professional development.

Jenny combines Reiki and Holistic Massage in her work and brings a high level of sensitivity and presence to her massage. Her sessions cover a range of issues, including: deep tissue treatments to address muscle tensions, relaxation sessions to help release mental stress, pregnancy massage and more gentle treatments for those who don’t want to receive deep pressure. She also offers couples massage workshops for partners or friends who want to learn basic massage skills.

Jenny says:

“Learning to give massage was a life-changing experience for me. Every time I give a session I am reminded of why I did it – I feel grounded, in my body, deeply connected and available to be with another. I find so much enjoyment in being with other bodies and helping them to let go. Seeing clients become more at ease with, and more connected to, themselves is such a joy.”