What I’m doing to make us safe

My Therapy Room has been deep cleaned. A risk assessment has been conducted to ensure that we are as safe as possible during therapy.

I am only seeing a maximum of four people for massage in the therapy room each day, allowing a minimum gap of 30 minutes in between appointments so that I can clean and air the room and change all of the linens.

I use the same cleaning products as the NHS offices. All surfaces are wipeable and are wiped down after each client, including the massage couch and pillows. A cleaning log is kept to record how often the areas are cleaned. All absorbent surfaces, such as towels are now stored in sealed containers and rubbish is stored in a lidded bin.

Each client has fresh towels, couch cover and pillow cases, which are stored in a sealed container prior to your treatment and then quarantined afterwards before being professionally laundered.

To reduce the duration of your visit and the length of time we are in close proximity, you are asked to complete a full online consultation form before your first appointment or a brief online consultation form if you are a regular client. If you are a regular client but wish me to treat a new issue, then please arrange a phone consultation with me prior to your therapy so that we can spend less time talking and more time with you on the couch during your session.

Everyone is required to sanitise their hands and to wear a mask from the moment they enter the building.

What you need to do if you’re vulnerable

If you are classed as vulnerable then you are advised to obtain agreement from your GP or Consultant before seeking massage therapy. I will ask you to sign a disclaimer that states you understand the risks of having massage and will not hold Jayne Sarah Therapies responsible for any adverse reaction you may have to the therapy.

Please don’t put either of us at risk

If you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 or have knowingly been in contact with anyone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms within two weeks prior to your appointment, you must cancel immediately and will not be charged a cancellation fee. I also reserve the right to cancel your appointment at short notice, should I experience symptoms or encounter anyone with symptoms prior to your treatment. My temperature is logged every morning when I start work.

Where you can wait / Car Parking

The reception in Trym Lodge is open, however waiting time in reception is now restricted. Therefore, a car parking space has been acquired for my clients in the car park. When you arrive, please drive to the car park gates, buzz reception, tell them you are here to see Jayne Sarah and then please park in Space 16. Please remain in your car until the exact time of your appointment, when I will meet you at the door of the annexe.

If you are arriving on foot, please understand that you must arrive at the exact time of your appointment as you cannot wait for more than a few minutes in reception.

What happens during your session

On entering the building, you will be asked to wear your own face covering. Your temperature will be taken and recorded in your notes. You will be invited to sanitise your hands with gel, or to wash your hands in the toilets. Please do not touch anything in the therapy room and please place all of your belongings into the plastic boxes provided and then close the lids.

Your massage will feel as normal, but you will be required to wear a face covering. Most people find wearing a mask whilst lying on their front perfectly comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, you can unhook the mask from your ears, but still breathe through it, or we can position you on your side for the massage instead.

In the room we will socially distance as much as possible. I will always wear a visor and a surgical face mask whilst I am with you. I will also wear an apron throughout your therapy, which I will remove and quarantine for washing once I have cleaned the room after your session.

What you must bring

Facemasks will not be provided. You must bring your own.

You must also provide your own drink and pen to sign documents with, if you’ve failed to complete the online forms.

Whatever belongings you do bring with you must fit into my sealed containers, so please try not to bring more than is necessary.


The windows will be open throughout your treatment, but there is an electric blanket on the couch, which can be switched on at your request. The doors will also be open before and after your treatment to allow the room to air.

Unavailable Treatments

Face Massage is currently Unavailable. I’m only permitted to see you for a maximum of one hour at the moment.

How to Pay

Payments are only to be made by bank transfer and no cash or change is kept on site or available. I do not have a card machine.