Theranotes Starter Form

  • We need to know what your policy is for retaining data. For example, in accordance with CNHC regulation, you need to keep notes for 8 years after the client's final treatment session has ended. Child records should be held until after their 25th birthday, or 26th birthday if they were aged 17 when treatment ends. This information should be detailed in your privacy policy, or you can check with the Regulatory Bodies you are associated with (E.g. CTHA, CNHC, AfSFH etc.) If their recommendations differ, then it's best to opt for the longest retention period suggested.
  • We need to set up your GDPR Communication Preferences in the system.
  • Please list as many possibilities as possible. We can amend and alter them on the day of your training. E.g. Cancellations, Appointment Bookings, Appointment Re-Arrangements, After care Advice, Feedback Forms etc.
  • E.g. Iphone, Macbook Air, Windows PC, Ipad, Windows Tablet, Chromebook, Android phone etc. Please list all of your devices.