Remedial Hot Stone Massage

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This is a combination of Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Hot Stone Therapy. Stones are used to aid in the warming of the muscles and to deliver deeper pressure in a remedial deep tissue massage; incorporating sports techniques and stretches where appropriate.

  • Remedial Hot Stone Massage March 2015
    Detailed. Effective. Good conversation.

Remedial Hot Stone Massage – £60 – 60 minutes

Not for the faint-hearted – this treatment will leave you feeling very relaxed, very sleepy and a whole lot looser.

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  • Remedial Hot Stone and Indian Head Massage February 2015
    Fantastic treatment! The therapist made excellent recommendations for my needs and made me feel comfortable and welcome. I left a good notch happier. So a lovely and effective treatment! Thank you Jayne for a wonderful 60 minutes - Treatment and conversation was perfect!
  • Remedial Hot Stone Massage Therapy January 2015
    The rigours of working as a busy Dental Surgeon pays a toll on my lower back, shoulders and neck, which can make simple activities of everyday life a real strain. I have been a client of Jayne’s for over 3 years and find that my monthly visits have ensured that these issues are kept at bay. Jayne is always professional and very knowledgeable. A brief review before each treatment session ensures that she always targets my most problematic areas.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.