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Sports massage is not just for sports people. It’s for anyone who is looking for an intensive massage treatment. Perhaps you have a stiff neck, tight hamstrings or achy arms?

Sports Massage will help to improve the condition of your muscles, to remove lactic acid build up, to reduce tension and help muscles repair. It’s an intense, revitalising treatment using a variety of massage and facilitated stretching techniques.

We usually focus on one particular part of your body for the duration of the treatment, depending on what feels most uncomfortable to you on a frequent basis. Sports Massage generally feels uncomfortable during the treatment and for up to twenty-four hours afterwards, but with plenty of rest, fluids and by following our aftercare advice, it will definitely improve your body’s performance and help your muscles to relax.

There are several different types of sports massage. If you’re not sure which treatment you need, email or call us to discuss your options.

  • SL January 2021
    I can't find enough positive adjectives! Jayne is knowledgeable, communicative, intuitive, skilled and perceptive. She is amiable and easy to be with, but very informed and informative. She got to the core of my problem exceptionally quickly. She truly cares about what she is doing and the person she is treating. I've had many many massages over the years. This was unique. I booked another before I left the room. That surely says it all. The treatment significantly reduced the pain from my problem. I slept better, had much less discomfort and increased mobility. I can't think of a thing you could improve on. Keep doing what you do. I'm glad I found you.

Sports Massage – £55/hr – 60 minutes

Remedial Sports Massage is the deepest treatment we offer. In one hour we can work specific muscle groups to stretch, release tension and break down lactic acid build up. With long-term problems, it can often take more than one session to release all of the tension that has built up, but you should notice a difference almost immediately. Sports massage hurts and continues to feel uncomfortable for a few days afterwards, but “no pain, no gain”, as they say.

Remedial Hot Stone Massage – £50/hr – 60 minutes

Remedial Hot Stone Massage is a slightly gentler sports massage. We incorporate the same techniques, but use the heat and strength of the stones to ease tension in a more fluid way. The members of Absolute Health gym love it – so why not give it a try?

Pre-Event Massage – £20 per person

Massage before a sports event can be an integral component of the pre-event preparation for many athletes. Pre-event massage can create a state of readiness in the muscles and tissues so that your performance can be optimized. In general a pre-event massage will assist in increasing the circulation of blood to the muscles to allow the muscles to be flushed and oxygenated. Tight muscles may be relaxed so that joints can be moved through their range of motion. Emphasis is placed on the muscles used during the activity to improve performance and also reduce the chance of injuries. The treatment will only take up to 20 minutes, so you can use the time to focus on your event, to relax or complete your mental preparation. At the end of the massage, you should feel great!

Post-Event Massage – £20 per person

The purpose of a massage after a major event is simply to help you to recover from the activity. This is achieved by reducing post-exercise soreness, re-establishing full range of motion and enhancing blood flow to tight muscles. The length of recovery time from strenuous competition can be dramatically reduced with a good post-event massage. Studies have found that correctly applied massage in the first two hours after activity can be critical for reducing the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness. Post-event massage can also be employed after (heavy) training sessions as well as competition.
The primary goal of post-event massage is to promote circulation and to lengthen tight muscles. However, the difference is that the muscles are now in a state of congestion and fatigue following maximal effort and performance. Therefore the objective is to increase your rate of recovery by decreasing soreness and fatigue, speeding up the removal of metabolic by-products and relieving the increased tone of the muscles. Treatments last for about 20 minutes, are gentle and may include some light stretching.

It is beneficial to work with the same therapist in advance of any events or competitions in order for that therapist to gain an understanding of your individual pain thresholds, your response to pressure and to reduce the risk of any misjudgments being made by the therapist during the event.

Full Body MOT – £55/hr – as long as it takes

You like the sound of a full body treatment, but you want all of the issues to be addressed and don’t think that a Swedish massage is going to quite cut it? – achy shoulders, achy legs, tight IT Band, neck pain…. Choose our full body MOT and we will work on it all. It takes as long as it takes – dependent upon your body size and issues. You pay an hourly rate of £40 and need to allow for a minimum of two hours for this treatment. Under no circumstances should you plan to do ANYTHING after this treatment, except sleep and drink water and relax – completely. The last time this was done, it took 3hrs 15 minutes and the client in question slept for 18 hours after…

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  • MW September 2020
    Very informative and a wonderful massage and interesting facts about my condition in my left shoulder & back. I was a little tired post treatment but had less pain in the shoulder the next day; well impressed. Are there any additional treatments you would like Jayne Sarah Therapies to provide? Thank you Jayne Sarah, fabulous treatment and looking very positive to further successful massages to eventually cure my pain. Well Done.
  • ML January 2020
    Very effective. I've had 2 treatments and the second in particular was very helpful in reducing pain whilst I await a hip replacement. Jayne certainly is experienced and after the treatment I benefited by a reduction in pain to my lumbar spine and arthritic left hip. I will continue to have regular treatments until my surgery and most likely after the surgery.