Swedish Relaxation Massage

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Swedish Massage provides a light to moderate pressured treatment and is ideal if you haven’t experienced massage before. If you’re having trouble sleeping or would just like to take an hour to relax, then this treatment is for you.

It can calm the nerves, release positive endorphins, improve blood flow, exfoliate the skin, remove tension from tired and tense muscles and will leave your body feeling relaxed and calm.

This treatment is most beneficial when you can take plenty of time to relax afterwards.

  • JL August 2019
    The massage was very professional and certainly exceeded my expectations. My muscles now feel more flexible and healthy.

Swedish Relaxation Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage – £45 – 45 minutes

Settle into deep relaxation with this gentle back, neck and shoulder massage. We will iron out the creases and set you up for a good night sleep with this luxurious, pampering treatment.

Swedish Full Body Relaxation Massage – £55 – 60 minutes

This treatment includes a gentle massage on the back, legs, hands, arms, feet, head, neck and face. It gently loosens tension and helps to promote relaxation and sleep. Stomach massage is optional.

Swedish Full Body Relaxation Massage – £75 – 90 minutes

The 90 minute treatment allows more time to be spent working out muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders – so if you have achy shoulders, but want a full body massage, opt for this one.

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  • NT May 2019
    The treatment was excellent and exactly what I’d asked for/ discussed in consultation. I felt great afterwards, physically and mentally.
  • Tight calves and shoulders client October 2018
    This massage was highly relaxing, and Jayne had clearly listened to my comments around tight calf muscles etc. Jayne even recommended a book to me, so a very excellent and personalised service. Afterwards I experienced feelings of well being, happiness and feeling somewhat "spaced out". I suspect this was because of the relaxation in my usually tight shoulders and neck area. When can I have the next one :)